Every Lady Need To Drop These 7 Relationship Habits With 2017

Every Lady Need To Drop These Relationship Habits With 2017

There are individual habits you may exhibit in your relationship as a lady that just need to be dropped with the year about to end. Like every year before it, year 2017 has been filled with enough of everything that makes a society tick.

Some of these things we absolutely love – beautiful weddings, romantic proposals, unforgettable concerts, smashing shows, social media moments – and some of these things we’d rather not see anymore – some disastrous occurrences, certain politicians and personalities as well as some behaviours.

However, below we list 7 relationship patterns that ladies should leave behind in 2017.

1. Playing hard to get
2017 should be the last year where feelings for a guy will be hidden or downplayed simply because you want to conform of society’s idea of dating and relationships. Please say yes if you want to go on a date with him, please kiss and go ahead to do whatever on the first date if that’s really what you want to do.

If you are not doing it, let it be because you do not want to. Let it be because it is against your beliefs and values. Not because of what your friends will say or what society will think of you.

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