Guy calls out popular Facebook influencer Chydo Lawrence for impregnating his girlfriend

So, someone is accusing Popular Social Media Commenter and Influencer, Chydo Lawrence of impregnating his girlfriend.. The accuser isn’t just someone, But Chydo’s Bestfriend.

Facebook influencer Chydo Lawrence
Oluwa D Shocker.

Identified as Oluwa D Shocker, he took to the platform to accuse Chydo of snitching on him, getting his girlfriend pregnant, and then made her lie that the pregnancy is his.

The Facebook user says Chydo is the worst guy ever, as he’s a F**ckboy..

Facebook influencer Chydo Lawrence
Oluwa D Shocker

This comes as a Surprise to us, as Chydo Lawrence is a really popular guy and influencer on Facebook, and also a YBL Reader!

Here’s what he wrote;

“This is Chydo Lawrence, my best friend but he’s a big betrayal, he slept with my girlfriend and he snitched on me. He got my girlfriend pregnant and made her to lie that I’m the one who got her pregnant. This boy is the worst guy I’ve ever seen. Chydo Lawrence is a f-ckboy. This boy is evil. Nigga if I catch you anywhere eh you must collect”

Chydo Lawrence
Chydo Lawrence

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