MUST READ: 6 Reasons Why A Lady Should Never Propose To A Man

MUST READ: 6 Reasons Why A Lady Should Never Propose To A Man

With recent outbreak of viral videos and photos of ladies proposing marriage to their boyfriends publicly on social media, Is quiet becoming highly pronounced. Quite a number of such proposals have been celebrated. But is it acceptable in Nigeria for a lady to propose marriage?

More people frown at the unusual audacity, especially when it’s done in public spots, recorded and broadcast on social media. For them, it’s a man’s traditional duty to choose a wife. A woman can’t propose marriage.

However here are some of the reasons advanced for move initiated by women:

1. It screams desperation

Women are becoming audacious, believing they can make the move and step into matrimony once the man fails to propose.

But taking the lead, and choosing to kneel and pop the question with a ring is not only ludicrous but holders desperation.

If men allow all the ladies that fancy them to propose marriage, they would have a harem of over a dozen damsels.

The man chooses the woman he loves and adores who’s ready to spend the rest of her life with him. Not a desperado who wants the prefix Mrs at all costs.

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