Lord Of The Rings, After 7years Lady Seek Advice

So, We got a message today from a lady who begged us not to disclose her identity as she tells her story.

“I’m a gradute Of University Of Benin, however on my graduation day my boyfriend proposed to me after 6months of our relationship I said Yes. it was a dream come through because I have always wished I get married after school and start my own family with someone I love, it seems to be going as I have desired. However I went for my NYSC later relocated to Abuja, althrough my service there was good communication between us. Now is over 6 years since I completed my NYSC. He has not even talked about meeting my parents or brought up plans about our marriage, I have asked for his plans severally but it ends up in a quarrel.

I don’t really know what to do cause I’m not getting any younger. Please, I need advice.”

Well, as for me I think you have been turned to lord of the rings. Try and move on with your life, the ring should not keep you a prisoner.

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