USi Tech Bitcoin Mining Is The Future, What You Need To Know

USi Tech Bitcoin Mining Is The Future, What You Need To Know

USI is United Software Intelligence a software development that has been involved in several years of Forex trading solutions for banks, cooperate and VIP clients in the advent of the rise of the cryptocurrency space USI Tech has since began development of softwares for Crypto trade and heavy infrastructure for mining.
USI-Tech is a physical and legit company with head office in Dubai
Usi Tech is currently one of the companies with a vision to install BItcoin ATM machines round the world, and they have actually kicked off this project in several locations, they have mining facilities around the world, coupled with Crypto trading…

Usi Tech also has its own Cryptocurrency called TECHCOIN which is currently in ICO stages.
They offer bitcoin package investments to their partners all over the world
Each package pays around 0.85 to 1.1% daily for 5 working days aside holidays.

Each BTC investment pack is offered at 50 Euros or 60 dollars

Each pack runs for an estimated 140 days or expires when a 140% return is achieved since trade profits vary on the daily trade.

Btc package price is fixed with FIAT Euro or Dollar, hence BTC continually appreciates BTC packs become cheaper for her partners, yet the commissions in USI Tech are all in BTC which makes your commissions or earns grow in value even as your investments grow daily between 0.85% to 1.1%
Parameters I set and looked out for to pick a good company with the most potential for success

First on the list and above all others is legitimacy (Real Company) and sustainability and then it must also meet the following criteria

1) NO hidden fess or monthly service charge, subscription or activation fee -USI-TECH has no monthly charge or hidden fee ✅✅

2) Small and massively affordable startup capital for easy team building -USI-TECH minimum is less than N25,000 – $60 ✅✅

3) Low minimum withdrawal amount -USI-TECH minimum withdrawal is 0.001812 about $10 ✅✅

4) Little or no transaction charge -USI-TECH withdrawal charge is 2% about the normal BTC charge

5) Daily commission payment and withdrawal (This is very important when you are looking to compound) -USI-TECH also allows withdrawal any day and every day✅✅

6) Compounding -USI-TECH compounding is the 8th wonder of the world, this one reason many big Crypto guys are investing with this company -✅✅

7) Earnings and Commissions in bitcoin not dollars/Euros/pounds -USI-TECH pays in BTC maximum 2.5 BTC withdrawal daily -✅✅
USI Tech has their membership APP already on Google Play and Apple Store
USI Tech also has a lucrative compensation plan that pays up to 35% over 12 levels, there is a 10% Commission on every direct referral

There is also a free membership to enable startup with no capital, hence people with no cash can join the company and become an affiliate promote the system get paid 10% and then raise money to but their own BTC Packs.
Commissions and withdrawals are in BTC, hence the investment value grows as BTC continues to rise plus the estimated 0.85% to 1.15 % daily growth.


Let me introduce USI tech to u this way…

Its a company that trades and deals with bitcoin ,

Each pack is 25k or 50 Euro. It’s a flat fee.

2. Your money grows every working day on the average of 1% Monday – Friday.

3. Also you get 10% direct referral bonus on each pack your prospect comes on board with. It is not a one time off.

Each time your downline compounds you earn that 10% again

4. It simple, you sum up 1% multiplied by the number of working days in a month you get the total earnings.

Eg: Monday to Friday gives you 5%

Multiply by 4 gives you 20%

So one gets 1% multiplied by the number of working days in that month. Meanwhile the interest you earn is accumulating because what you earn today will be different tomorrow if you compound

When you have 1 person that accumulates 12 packs minimum you earn 3% from your 2nd generation

When another of your direct gets on board with 12 packs or accumulates 12 packs you move to 3rd generation. That is another 3%

So if you have up to 12 direct with 12 packs minimum you earn down to 12th generation

From 2nd to 8th generation you earn 3% from each pack

From 9th to 12th generation you earn 1% each

You have the option of daily compounding or daily withdrawals
The choice is yours….you have complete control…
The company of course makes money too….
So it is a win – win for everyone


So if u refer or not you still get 1% percent of your investment ..imagine u buy 4 packs u get 1,000 daily withdraw at month end is over some people’s salary…


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