Lasisi Elenu vs Broda Shaggi, Which Is More Creative?

Getting a more intense look at the Entertainment industry as a whole, comedy seems to be one of the hardest sector in the Game.

Only a fraction of people with natural comic personality and unique comedy styles have succeeded in gaining much-needed acceptance.

The angry-man with Snapchat filter, Lasisi Elenu and Nigeria’s number 1 fine boy Agbero, Broda Shaggy are two hot popular comic personalities currently making Nigerians laugh on social media.


His style of comedy revolves around the common feature of an average Nigerian man. As Nigerians, it is part of our constitution to be angry and always be ready to rant about something.

In Lasisi Elenu’s voice, Are you Maaaad?

Lasisi’s rants can make you laugh and roll on the floor, no wonder he’s able to acquire so much Instagram followers within a short period.


If you’ve ever wondered what the response of an average Mushin tout will be to a serious street interview question, maybe you’ve not started watching Broda Shaggi’s skits.

He comes up with very creatively funny contents on a daily basis just to make Nigerians laugh. The fact that he never runs out of good concept makes him the popular social media personality that he is today.

In Broda Shaggi’s voice, “Oyinbo Say consistency kills the stuborn cat“.


Basically, Lasisi Elenu and Broda Shaggi deserve every bit of fame and recognition they are getting in the Entertainment industry today.

So, Let’s settle this!

“Who Among Them Are Nigerians Enjoying The Most?

Tell Us, Between Lasisi Elenu And Broda Shaggi, Whose Skit Do You Enjoy Most? and Which Is More Creative?”

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