Rich Homie Quan - Rich As In Spirit

@RichHomieQuan – Rich As In Spirit @AppleMusic

Here is “Rich Homie Quan” latest Album titled “Rich As In Spirit“. The Album consist of 18 Tracks. All thanks to Apple Music you can get this song below;

Rich Homie Quan - Rich As In Spirit


Overview on Rich Homie Quan latest project:

Rich Homie Quan has reached an epiphany. Rich As In Spirit shows that elevating your mind is just as important as elevating the numbers in a bank account. He reminisces about the struggles (“Long Enough”) while putting haters in their lane. This is a reflective, personal album, almost entirely free of extra voices (save Rick Ross, who drops a flamboyant cameo on “Think About It”). The single “Changed” finds Homie Quan using his melodious voice to great effect. And on “The Author,” he reveals his ambition to “buy the house I grew up in, just to say I bought it.”

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