Evil Men Do For Money, Pastor Revealed In Act - True Life Story

Evil Men Do For Money, Pastor Revealed In Act – True Life Story

Money is Good but should be made the right way. This story you are about to read happened real life, as narrated by an anonymous reader. Please note that there are some strong languages used on this post.

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“So I met some secondary school friends after 12years and they were doing super good, least car one of them drives is Venza and look as though he has a lot of Money. I felt bad because I was more intelligent back in school so I decided to ask them for the way forward. These are the replies I got…

Each insisted I have a separate meeting with them that their hustle are on different levels so I decided to schedule different meetings. I was pretty excited as I thought if one no work the other one go work. I had 4guys to learn how to make money from I asked to see the first one by 2pm but he said he will be busy by then so we should make it in the night that he will pick me up and take me for some flexing. Oshey baddest, me when never flex for a long time now.

This sounded good in my ears At about 9:30pm that night, he came with his GLK350 and there were 4girlz in the back of the car while I sat in front. I was sure of a good time that night but I was very careful so I don’t do what my ancestors wouldn’t do Long story short, we stayed in the club till 3pm and this dude never got drunk, I was busy busy drinking coke because alcohol is not good for my system. I had to corner him seeing we will get tired and pretty soon and have to go sleep dude took me to a corner and told me he doesn’t want to waste my time and would go straight to the point. He said when I called to meet by 2pm he didn’t agree because that’s when he sleeps.

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