Nigeria needs formation of state police to tackle insecurity Comr. Moses

Nigeria needs formation of state police to tackle insecurity – Comr. Moses

Special Assistant to the Governor of Bayelsa State on student affairs, Comr. Atti Joshua Moses who is an Award Winning renowned Youth Activist has raised an opinion for the disbandment of the Nigerian police force, and the formation of state police to tackle insecurity in Nigeria.

Comr moses who also stated that the security apparatus in Nigeria has undoubtedly failed, said “From the bottom part of my heart and my utmost desire for improvement of our Economic and Social development. Some major Challenges that we are Facing as a Nation is too Petty and ridiculous.

“Most times things that are supposed to be our Comparative advantage is what is killing us on daily Basis, We have a good population to protect ourselves from External Aggression and Enough Fertile Soils to feed ourselves.

“Our Security Apparatus has failed undoubtedly and its empirically verifiable. I am of the Opinion that we maintain a one Military System (Army, Navy, Airforce) and make every other Paramilitary organisation to be State funded so that their will be no lapses and this will further create Jobs for indigent Youths because most time recruitment into the Nigerian Police and other forces is not evenly distributed amongst the federating States .

“Let everyman secure his land” disband the Nigerian Police Then we will know if a Community Police officer will collect bribe from his kinsman before doing his Job or Community Based Paramilitary Organizations(Police, Immigration,NSCDC, Road Safty Corps , Customs , NDLEA etc) will allow invaders ,herdsmen, Militants, Boko haram, Smugglers, Aliens , Contraband goods etc. into Communities to kill all their families.

“Then in Extreme Cases were A Superior Security is needed we can send our Military , as far as I’m concerned our Military is been Abused which is prompting it to malfunction many times and we have not gotten any thing right when it comes to security.

Reginald Tobin
Special Assistant to Comr. Atti J Moses on media

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