Apple Music Is Adding Charts; Global, Nigeria and More!

Apple Music is bringing Top 100 charts to its service, showing off both country-based charts and the top songs globally, the company reveals. Apple will add 116 charts to the Music service for users on iOS 12 beta and macOS Mojave beta, all of which can be found under Top Charts in the Browse section of the app. Reported by Rolling Stone.

However, every country Apple Music operates in will have charts detailing the most popular songs in that region, but availability to access all of those charts may vary depending on your location, according to Apple. Users will be able to add charts to their libraries, and they can also download them. The Top 100 charts, which are based solely on Apple Music streams, will update daily at 12AM PT.

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Android users, don’t fret: the company says an upcoming update to the Apple Music app on Android will bring charts to the platform. (It will also be available on tvOS 12.) The Top 100 charts should be rolling out today as part of an update for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave beta testers.


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