Wardrobe Malfunction, “Cardi B” Mistakenly Shows Private Part During Concert!!

Cardi announced in the past week that she’s divorcing her husband Offset, after allegedly catching him cheating. Throughout Cardi’s relationship with Offset, there have been rumors of his cheating, However it now looks like Cardi’s had enough, and she is prepared to end her marriage.

While she was performing at the 2018 B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash at Allstate Arena in Chicago this weekend, and she had an embarrassing malfunction.

Cardi was twerking to Bodak Yellow, when she twerked a little too hard – and she exposed more than she wanted to her fans.

Luckily Cardi’s fans were very understanding. Most of them laughed off the embarrassing mishap along with Cardi, who told the fans “WHOOPS”. She continued the performance without a hitch – and her fans LOVED every minute of it.

Here are pics from the event:

Here’s a picture from when the accident happened:

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