Facebook to Tackle Accounts With Fake News During Elections

Elections is set to take place in different African countries come 2019, Facebook has devised mechanisms to reduce the spread of fake news, the social media giant said on Wednesday.

It should be known that some African countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon and Senegal are scheduled to have elections this year.

In line with the breakdown forthcoming 2019 general elections: Presidential and National Assembly elections on Feb. 16 while governorship and state house of assembly elections come up on March 2.

According to Todayng, the scrutiny by facebook was conveyed in a statement released in Johannesburg, the American tech company said it had teamed up with local fact checkers including Kenya’s Pesa Check and Nigeria’s Dubawa, among others.

“We want to stop the spread of false news on our platforms.

“These independent groups help us assess the accuracy of news shared on Facebook.

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