GLOSSARY: Election, Security Tips, Politicking, Conclusion

ELECTION: “Soldier go, Soldier come, Barracks remain the same” Election is just a process vis-à-vis machinery to administer, government is prone to change but the State remains a stable entity. The later sometimes suffers in the hands of government.

SECURITY TIPS: The best security an individual can get as a citizen lies within oneself. Moreover, just like the popular saying; “An Englishman’s home is his castle” In other words, security is guaranteed first under one’s shelter. Activities taken place ahead of forthcoming general elections show fully that revolution is about to take over the political scene in Nigeria. The best solution in order to stay save is to follow the following tips bellow (Exclusive on Legit9ja);

ELECTION DAY: Assume the long-awaited day is finally here, on this day government usually declare a no movement public announcement across the major roads. This is carried out in order to ensure orderliness during the electioneering process.

ACCREDITATIONS: This is the first exercise that must be done as an electorate. You need to get to your polling units in the early hours of the day. Most times, electoral commission announces the official time accreditation commences. This is Nigeria, some wards and polling units get voters accredited according to standing queue. Early to bed, early to rise! Once this exercise is achieved, accredited voters are advised to check back or standby until voting takes place.

VOTING TIME: This is the climax of all. All accredited voters are required to report back to the polls as election commences according to the stipulated time by electoral commission. This time around, polling environment is preoccupied by all manners of people. From political thugs to aggrieved citizens, with the sole aim of perpetrating evil. Most of which are sponsored by standing political parties during the conduct. As a patriotic Nigerian who wants the best out of the election, as soon as vote casts, it is advisable to standby and let the votes count accordingly. Election is not a war, you need to fight with your Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) and shun imminent.

BRIBERY AT POLLS: Money they say is the root of evil, the media has reported instances where people kill just because of tokens bypassed across by greedy and desperate politicians. To ensure peaceful election conduct, this must be prevented at polls. Election day is not Christmas day, sharing of materials and monies as incentives invite war during exercise. As a qualified voter, money shared during election cannot put food on the table. Therefore, defile all activities that attract such.

ELECTORAL RULES/AGENTS: All activities pertaining to conduct of elections are guided by rules and regulations. Adherence to authorities prevents uncertainties. As a voter, respect all electoral agents present alongside securities as they serve the public under spot. Sometime, find a way to render assistance.

POLITICKING/CONCLUSION: Politics is meant for all, ARISE O COMPATRIOTS! The best decision to justify one’s faith in the face of governance is by carrying out individual civic responsibilities. Leaders too are human, complaining on their actions and inactions makes no change until vote is cast unanimously. Remember, your vote is your right, vote wisely!

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