MONEY RITUALS: “No be pants only them dey steal oh, them dey steal hair too, Full Nylon Bag N450,000” — Lady Victim Narrates Ordeal (Beware)

Frankly speaking, the level of cases with money ritual is on the increase everyday in Nigeria. The big questions among the public remain; Can this be attributed to this generation prone to get rich quick? Or, Can it be triggered by activities of the ongoing election campaign exercises ahead of polls? These are left for all to answer!

Found viral in this transcript over the weekend is voice of a woman who decodes message from somewhere in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

According to her, the incessant issue of money ritualists snatching female pants across the country now has additional danger. This she narrated how natural hairs gathered from saloons are being sold for huge amounts of money for rituals. Now urging every Nigerian to beware and vigilant.

Read carefully bellow, view your thoughts and save souls by sharing.

“Good afternoon my brothers my sisters, I want to say this from the saddened heart. Nigeria has turned into something else and we need to be very careful. Everybody wants to make money in a very terrible way, but before I say anything, please, you need to share this, share it to everyone.

What I want to tell you is real life story, it happened to me. I will not tell you the State I am talking from but it is in the East. It happened to me, okay, Three days ago, I went to the saloon to make my hair. So they were the one who loosed my hair for me, when they combed the hair I instructed them to like remove the ones on the comb (the shed out) and just drop it on the floor and later they just packed everything.

But I noticed that all the customers in that saloon once they comb our hairs they remove and put in nylon. It is only attachment they allow to drop on the floor, okay they were making my hair for me, so after I have washed it and everything, I just noticed that a young man came, he parked, my hairdresser opened the drawer brought out like Seven of that same type of nylon that they are putting our natural hairs into. Parked it in big nylon and went to give the young man outside, I was like what is happening?

So when the woman came back, I called my husband who is a police officer that something is happening here that I do not understand why they were keeping hair. So when my husband came, he came with like three police officers. So when he came, they had to interrogate the woman and the woman said for a full nylon bag, she collects N450,000. Just imagine!

So I want to beg us ladies, women, even those of us that used to take our little children to the saloon please if your children cannot make hair just cut it for them with scissors at home please or just be very vigilant. Everybody wants to make quick money, no be pant only them dey steal oh, them dey steal hair too. So thank you my brothers my sisters at home, pass this message you can save somebody’s life. Thank you”

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