Prolific Businessman “Emmanuel Ojibo” Demystifies Future Of Election Rigging In Nigeria (Read)

One of the greatest elements of democratic dispensation is the civic responsibility which exists between the State and Civil Society.

Just like that of wedded husband and wife, election serves as a go-between between the State and people under a specific government type.

In a state whereby political education and orientation are lacked, decisions are always very difficult to make. Differences of which linger uncertainties in the society. Sometimes, it takes drastic revolution to relinquish such burning furnace.

Being an appreciation in the face of present uproar political activities in Nigeria, edging from elections to economy, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Achieving Greatness, Mr. Emmanuel Ojibo, made his proclamation on stronghold.

According to him, things will turn around as Nigerians will wake-up in resilience and fight for better governance. In his proclamation:

One day it will be very difficult to rig election in Nigeria as the people will become more aware and resilient! Also be ready to protect their vote.

Nigeria can only get better when the people have the power without any influence to elect their own leaders not the one a godfather or cabal try to impose on them.
Emancipate yourself from mental and physical slavery!”Achieving Greatness Limited is a Media Consulting Outfit established for the purpose of Consulting, Marketing, Media Branding, Training, Events and Business to Business (B2B) Services. Head Office located in the heart of Lagos.

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