What Do You Think About Burna Boy’s New Single, “Dangote” Hit or Miss ?

What Do You Think About Burna Boy’s New Single, “Dangote” Hit or Miss ?

Well, Burna Boy‘s new jam, “Dangote,” has been making waves on the internet since  the release some days ago. The song which talks about the continuity of one’s hustle no matter the status he/she has attained does not only inspire, but gives hope for a better tomorrow. It says if Dangote and other wealthy people around never cease to hustle to make money then one who is not up to their standards have no reason to stop doing the same as said on his lyrics.


This song “Dangote” majorly speaks to the youths and just like Burna’s 2018 massive hit single, “Ye,” it talks about what is obtainable in the realistic sphere, the happenings around young people, the challenges they are faced with. The just released video is well detailed and Burna Boy shows the Ghetto Hustle and Dreams.


In as much as Burna’s new song “Dangote” and “Ye” are similar in terms of the message and the supposed recipients of the song, do you think the former would be as big as the latter?

Do you think “Dangote” would be a hit song just like “Ye”?

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