“You elected me because I have a vision”- Sanwoolu Opines

Most discussed-gubernatorial elections, that of Lagos State which outcome by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) ushered in the candidate of All Progressive Congress, Babajide Sanwoolu now tops political discussion across board.
This, after contending candidate of People’s Democratic Party, Jimi Agbaje reportedly conceded defeat and congratulated Sanwoolu at the release of official result by INEC.

Meanwhile, Governor-Elect, Babajide Sanwoolu thanked Lagosians and general public who voted his victory:
“@inecnigeria has announced the results of the governorship election for Lagos This means that indeed the people have spoken & clearly too. By these words, I accept the mandate you have given & understand that it bestows a most profound honour & sober responsibility on me.

I thank and commend all those who supported and contributed to this campaign. You have laboured hours and done so without complaint or hesitation. You exerted yourselves not just for me but because you believe in the rightness and wisdom of the vision we share for our state.

You are too numerous and too many to name at this time. In the next few days, I will make sure I thank each of you personally for your contributions to this collective and progressive effort.

Most of all, I want to commend and honour the voters. While this victory may bear my name because it must bear a name, this victory belongs to you, dear Lagosians.

This election signaled more than a vote for me or any other candidate. It was a vote, a referendum, on how a state and its people would define themselves. Would we be courageous and confident enough to seek our greater place in the world?

Or would we turn so scared that we spend the greater number of hours fighting each other instead of joining ourselves in productive cooperation that will uplift the lives of each of us?

We were confident that you would choose courage over fear and select cooperation over confrontation. You made this enlightened choice in resounding and clear numbers.

I am humbled that the people elected me as the governor to lead them the next four years. I vow to you, dear Lagosians, that my eye and my mind are too focused on the future, too fixed on where we must go to give a second thought to where you might have come from.

Without doubt, Lagos is more than a space that we occupy. Lagos is a way of life that speaks of liberality of spirit and a commitment to excellence in all facets of human endeavour.

If this describes your outlook on society and your relationship to your neighbour and fellowman, then you are a pure and true Lagosian. Nothing more needs to be said. No further questions need to be asked in that regard.

You elected me because I have a vision in mind and a mission at heart that I must fulfil. We are already a great state. Our task is not simply to make sure we do not regress, but to push ourselves onward to an even greater Lagos.

Today, you did not just vote for Babajide Sanwo-Olu. You voted for that greater Lagos. I promise that together we shall achieve this. I do not make promises lightly. This is a promise that shall not be broken.

A greater Lagos shall be ours. We shall construct it with the work of our minds, the grit of our hands and by the will and grace of Almighty God. God bless us all and God bless our dear Lagos state.”

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