Ndokwa Elite Youths Lagos Press Release On Suspension Of His Royal Highness


The Ndokwa Elite Youths, Lagos (“NEY Lagos”) has continued to monitor the ugly turn of events surrounding the rather brash suspension of His Royal Highness, Friday Odini Abaja, the Ukwata 1 of Umukwata Kingdom by the Government of Delta State following alleged ‘acts inimical to peace, order and good governance’.

Whilst we are not in a position to direct the affairs of the State, confirm or refute the State Government’s allegations against HRH Friday Odini Abaja, it is sharply regrettable that the supposed Government being steered by one of the most experienced politicians in the history of Delta State can be misled so cheaply to act without taking cognizance of the basic principles of natural justice, equity and fairness. The State government out of perceived sheer spurn, surreptitiously handed a six (6) months suspension to HRH Friday Odini Abaja following undisclosed, uninvestigated and unverified information before it. Verdict was therefore served before fair hearing, which is akin to shaving a man’s head in his absence.

NEY Lagos is not unaware of the political colouration of the suspension following the neutrality of HRH Friday Odini Abaja during the just concluded generation elections, the gubernatorial elections in particular. In the interest of clarity, NEY Lagos is non-partisan and would not encourage the victimization of any Nigerian on the basis of his or her political beliefs no matter how this may be cloaked in water-tight disguised basis.

The State government in the mix of these misadventures may continue with such dreadful and self-destructive voyage if every well-meaning indigenes of the State observe from afar. It is unimaginable that an Ndokwa man, who has singularly dwarfed the presence of the government at all levels in his community by providing basic infrastructure, employing youths in their thousands, projecting good health care delivery only to mention a few can be subjected to the disdainful acts of the State government without a word from Ndokwa Neku Union (NNU); Ndokwa/Ukwuani Council of Traditional Rulers; Ukwuani Foundation Union (UFU); Ndokwa League (NL); Save Ndokwa Nation Group (SNNG), the Office of Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency Representative; the offices of the three Ndokwa House of Assembly Representative especially that of Ukwuani and a host of others groups and organisations.

The deafening silence of the Ndokwa leaders at all levels has in no small measure exposed the much shielded disunity amongst the Ndokwa people. Surprisingly, a section of Traditional Rulers have twisted to the shameless dance by issuing one of the most imprudent statements of their resolve to replace HRH Friday Odini Abaja as the Chairman of Ukwuani Traditional Rulers’ Council.

NEY Lagos is gravely concerned on the scourging trend of politicizing the basic love that should exist between the Ndokwa man and our regard for traditional institutions. When these politics and the inherent gimmicks take a bow, we shall remain the same Ndokwa/Ukwuani men and women. It is on this basis that we request and call on:

1. The various Ndokwa based groups, forums, leagues, or associations whether political, social or cultural to join forces to ensure that the Ndokwa man or constituted traditional authorities are not subjugated by the government of the day;

2. The various Ndokwa based groups, forums, leagues, or associations whether political, social or cultural to issue statements on its respective resolves to settle the lingering suspension of HRH Friday Odini Abaja by the State government;

3. The various Ndokwa based groups, forums, leagues, or associations whether political, social or cultural to seek and cause audience with Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to quickly redress the suppressive punishment melted out for HRH Friday Odini Abaja.

On our part, NEY Lagos hereby call on the Okowa led Administration to seek ways of fostering the age-long unity between the Ndokwa people rather than being used by some political jostlers to shred our love for their selfish political gains.

We also call on Governor Ifeanyi Okowa to immediately withdraw and void the purported six (6) months suspension of HRH Friday Odini Abaja as same is unjust and oppressive.

Chika ODAGWE Esq. (Coordinator); Bar Sophie OTONO (Secretary) Ndubueze AKUKALI (P.R.O); Godson ODOGBILI (Member); Engr. Ifeanyi OJOKO (Member); Martins Chukudi (Member); Engr. Ifeanyi OJOH (Member); Israel OSHIOJUM (Member); Kelvin Ogelenya (Member) Nigel OJJI (Member)

NEY Lagos is a league of young Ndokwa Professionals living and working in Lagos. NEY Lagos is aimed at promoting education of the Ndokwa child and securing a meaningful life for the young Ndokwa man and woman. The well-being of the Ndokwa people at all fronts is the core interest of NEY Lagos.

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