Nigerians Raise Alarm As Buhari Implements 30,000 Minimum Wage Into Law

The implementation of so-called 30,000 minimum wage into law by Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari at the State House on Thursday has triggered many patriotic citizens to lay out salient points and important questions.

President Buhari in his public release:
“I signed the New National Minimum Wage Bill into Law today at the State House, eight years after the last review. I would like to express gratitude to everyone who contributed to this very important task, and reiterate our commitment to the welfare of all Nigerians.”
The above release by the president aroused different reactions from Nigerians:
Thank you Mr president but am quite positive that this increment in minimum wage will bring about increment in the price of goods and services which means the increased minimum wage will amount to nothing why not help us intervene in the price of goods and services…”
How much does your meal cost a day? Or how much do you give your children as pocket money per week? U better work the economy, than deceiving Nigerians with valueless wages.”
Lol This isn’t exactly good news. Most employers of more than 25 workers already find it hard to pay 18k minimum wage, let alone 30k. This will def increase unemployment rate, natch. When Pres. Jonathan increased minimum wage in 2k10, the economy was somewhat stable. Ridiculous!”
My point is, lawmakers and political appointees take home should be reduced, to balance wages. They’re here hunting be. By the time VAT would be 10%, fuel N250 them go know how far. Already China loans is excessively high, maybe they’ll repay till their grandchildren”

Modern day slavery… Its an endless battle between the bourgeoisie on the one hand and the proletariat on the other. Until capitalism is over thrown by a socialist society the peasant would continue to leave on a minimum wage that can only be used to achieve minimum things.”

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