BEAUTY BUSINESS: “Tutu Abiodun” Expresses Her Experience With Yemi Alade, Kosoko(s)

YEMI ALADE is a wonderful person, in terms of help she is always there for me”- Hairstylist “TUTU ABIODUN” who is the Chief Executive Officer of “DeBeautician” in this exclusive interview with PAUL TREND, discussed Beauty Business and how the experience has boomed working with celebrities, therefore, saying “Prostitution is not the only source of income” …(Interesting Story)


1) Who is Tutu Abiodun?

Tutu Abiodun is a Celebrity Hairstylist, a lady who loves her job and so contented with it. She is a goal getter, she faces so much challenges but never gives up , she is a lady of determination, she loves helping others (IRON LADY)

2) Taking Hair Styling as a profession, what triggered the idea and decision?

Hmmmm, I can’t really say that this is the particular thing that triggers me to it, but all I can say is that, right from day one, if anyone ask me,Tutu what will I like to become in the future? My first answer is A HAIR STYLIST. I actually learnt it. I Was trained for 3 years, started the training in year 2000 to year 2003 in Ibadan.

3) In Nigeria, almost every corner of the Streets has a styling outlet (Salon). Does that show how lucrative the job is?

The thing is when you know, you know. You know we are into fashion line as well and nowadays, fashion is what everyone is trying to go into now. As a matter of fact I’M TOO GIFTED TO BE LEFT OUT, people refer people to me almost everyday even as I’m talking to you right now. So to me, it is that lucrative in nature.

4) Follow-ups on your updates in recent times, it seems you are a celebrity Stylist. How has the experience been, working with them?

It is actually a big question! Where do I start from now? Okay, let me start from somewhere. I will from YEMI ALADE. I came across Yemi Alade far back in year 2013 stroke 2014, then she was just coming up and I met her through one of my cousin’s sister who works in a particular salon in Mende-Maryland. She is also a hairstylist, there was a day I was frustrated in the house so I decided go and be with that my cousin sister so I called her, she said she was with Yemi Alade, I asked her can I come? She said yes, so I went, on getting there, I saw a guy making her hair.

Meanwhile, her hair was looking unhealthy, then when the guy finished and left, I asked her a question please can I treat ur hair she said yes, that she will let me know when to come for that,so I kept reminding her till she finally granted me an answer of YES YOU CAN COME.

So I started treating her hair, after then I started weaving her hair, from there I started making her hair fully. But then I was earning little money, after everything no tag, but I never gave up, I continued. People said alot  of things like stop making her hair she is not appreciating it, I just told my self I’m not going to listen to those talks. Till date, I’m still doing her hair. YEMI ALADE is a wonderful person, in terms of help she is always there for me.Apart from that, I also make SHOLA KOSOKO’S hair and her sister, BIDEMI KOSOKO. Both of them are so wonderful.

5) What are the challenges facing the profession at large?

It is left and right, sometime you get to meet some people who are extremely good, while you meet some who are extremely bad, so there is nothing you can do to please them. While some even if you make a mistake on their hair, before you say sorry they have already accepted and say it’s OKAY. Alot of shits happen, but I will never let that get over me. I’m me and I will still be me, anytime any day!

I experienced the biggest challenge when a woman slapped me saying I delayed her daughter’s hair.Then I was still working as a hairstylist, I never had my own space. But now, I have a place of my own.

6) Being a Stylist many say is prone to promiscuity, can that be classified as nature of the craft?

To me, I’m not that kind of a person. What I will say is that maybe because of the way we dress and change our hair styles every time. I can’t really say, even my mum never wanted me to become hairstylist. She said they are Asawos (Prostitutes)

7) Many girls out there have taken no other decision than prostitution, all in the name of hustling. What is your advice for them across board?

Even though the situations of the country is not really encouraging the youth and the poor masses, but they should still be patient and be prayerful. Prostitution is not the only source of incomes. Only God I put my hope in and he has really been helping me. I know where I started from and I know where I am now.

8) If you were not to be a Hairstylist, who would you have been?

I would become a lawyer or anything to defend my people from being hurt, because I hate cheating!

9) So what actually stopped the dream of you becoming a Lawyer or is it a set plan?

I am from a very poor background, I lost my dad when I was still very young. After my Secondary School, I wished to further but there was no really much on ground to look onto. That is the most reason why I focused on being a hairstylist, it is better than never. Infact, I trained myself to that stage. I’m an overcomer!

10) One of the ways of maintaining customers relationship is satisfaction. What projects are you working on set to hit your clients?

I’m working on my improvement, I want to keep surprising my clients always because GRACE is truly working for me in many ways and I’m praying to God that anything that will make me misbehave, God should take it away frome me Amen!

DeBeautician is an all-in-all Salon located in the heart of Lagos (Mende, Maryland). You can reach her via Instagram: @DeBeautician

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