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How Rema Got into President Obama’s “Summer Playlist 2019” and What it Means?

It came as a shock to Rema, Don jazzy and the entire Mavin crew when Rema’s “Iron Man” included on President Obama’s Summer Playlist.

The American ex president revealed a list of 44 songs both old and new that have kept him and his wife all loved this summer.

The Nigerian twitter community was all focused on the exciting “Big Brother Naija” reality TV show and all football matches taking place around the globe on Sunday 25th August 2019 when the President made this known on his twitter and instagram handles.

How Rema Got into President Obama’s Rema could have been sleeping, watching a football match or probably in church when this news broke out. I could see the joy written on his face and the money climbing into Mavin records pockets. What a record for the youngster who joined the music space barely six months ago. Rema broke a record and made history as the only Nigerian who made this list sitting comfortably on the No. 42 spot.

The question now is,
”How Did Rema Get into President Obama’s SUMMER PLAYLIST 2019 and What Does it Mean?

The answer is actually very simple;
The Power of Digital Stores and a good Promotional strategy is the reason Rema made it into this list.

Recall American magazines and blogs like TheFader and Pitchfork wrote exciting articles about this new talent, announcing him to lovers of Afro beat in America.

How Rema Got into President Obama’s After answering the question of how Rema got into President Obama’s SUMMER PLAYLIST 2019, here’s what it means;
1. Rema has not just recorded a great debut in Africa, he has equally sold his sound to the world.

2. Don jazzy and D’prince is about to bag multimillion endorsement deals for Rema

3. Despite the negative comments Rema has gotten in Nigeria by those questioning his branding and sound, the youngster keeps winning.

4. Rema is bigger than we see him.

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Article Written By @iam_kulgee

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