BBNaija: Tboss, Cee-C And Tacha Are Serious Societal Problems – Nigerian Journalist, Writes

Aside from the winner of the different seasons of the Big Brother Naija reality show, one contentious figure whose image is built around a pool of dissension and discordance springs up.

This person’s role is likened to the proverbial mentally-deranged woman dancing at the market place.

Everybody enjoys the sight of the exhibition of shame except the relatives of the person.

The prodigal figure suddenly becomes popular and gathers so many fans not because he or she is loved or doing some things right but because there is a need to instil some madness in the reality show for the purpose of entertaining the audience.

This sort of craze exhibited by the person is tagged the needed ‘spice’. This person in question becomes an irritant who is to a large extent unwanted and disliked by the other housemates.

For this reason, the person is regularly put up for the weekly eviction but the fans who are enjoying the lunacy displayed by the individual dole out cash to support the person with votes to keep him or her in the house.

In simple terms, they draw so much entertainment from the flagrant bad behaviours of the person and other misdeeds which might reek of poor upbringing, undying bad habits, lack of courtesy, pride and other oddities one should be ashamed of in saner climes.

This is a winning strategy which the show has been projecting since 2017 thereby making celebrities out of uncouth and unrefined individuals of questionable characters.

In 2017, the maiden user of this strategy was Romania returnee, Tokunbo Idowu, 35, self-styled Tboss.

She was a very caustic figure who went hard on individuals who crossed her path, she was very defensive, outrightly boastful and she promoted the culture of being a ‘king’ over men.

At some point, she boasted that she was going to expend the N25 million prize money of the show in just one week and that men with private jets flock around her.

She was soon branded a ‘strong woman’ and a feminist by individuals who have a jaundiced view of feminism.

Her beauty as well as free will to show off her b*obs and bum.

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