MI Abaga Diss Blaqbonez in Martell Cypher 2 (SEE LYRICS)

MI Abaga diss Blaqbonez tells him he’s not even among the best rappers in Nigeria talk more Africa. See Lyrics!!

Africa’s sensational lyricist M.I Abaga, with over 13 awards including Headies Awards Best Rap Single and Lyricist of the Year, slams label mate Blaqbonez in their recent release “Martell Cypher 2” featuring A-Q and Loose Kaynon.

Recall young Chocolate City Blaqbonez released a single this year titled “Best Rapper In Africa” dissing Tentik and proclaiming himself as they best rapper in Africa.

Well in their recent Martell 2 cypher under the Chocolate City Imprint, M.I Abaga diss Blaqbonez for claiming to be the best rapper in Africa.


Given you parables quotables/

plus I’m an animal only dudes notable to be standing so close to Jude are my homies and you know who!!!/

so who really the best rappers in Africa? Who been top of the charts but still giving lyrical massacre/

I’ll put it like this as long as MI exists/ I’m number one and y’all can figure out the rest of the list/

… 2 ghanians 3 rappers from SA/

1 Kenyan rapper can step to me on their best day/

as for Naija I give the legend they props/

then it’s 4 niggas who did it like me that’s where it stops for real!!!!!


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