Hairdresser rebuilt her Face with fat from her STOMACH (Photos)

Hairdresser, age 27, has her face rebuilt with fat from her stomach, this was after a rare condition caused her cheek to waste away from the inside.

A female hairdresser, Kayleigh Crowther, now 27, whose cheek began to collapse in on itself because of a rare condition had to have fat from her stomach injected into her face to repair it. She noticed a change in her face 10 years ago and thought her cheekbone was becoming more chiseled because she was losing weight.

But as the years passed by, the left side of her face became more visibly sunken, leading to ignorant strangers asking if she had been in a car accident. By 2014 she said she felt ‘disgusted’ when she looked at her reflection in the mirror because she felt like an ‘alien’, and she was put on anti-anxiety medication.

The hairdresser hoped filler injections would restore her facial symmetry but she was turned away by the beautician, who advised her to get medical help.

Desperate, Ms Crowther emailed various plastic surgeons until one revealed she likely had Parry-Romberg syndrome (PRS). A long string of tests followed before, in 2017, it was confirmed she had the rare condition which is characterized by the slow deterioration of the skin and tissue in one side of the face.

Ms Crowther before her symptoms started at the age of 17
Ms Crowther is finally feeling confident after having her cheek rebuilt with fat taken from her stomach this year on the NHS. She is pictured before the surgery

Ms Crowther, of Rawmarsh, South Yorkshire, had an NHS operation to transfer fat into her face earlier this year.

She said: ‘Before this, I was distraught. I knew that everybody else could see what I saw.

‘It was soul-destroying to dislike myself that much – but now, I’m feeling the best I have in a long time.

‘When I first started to notice the sinking on one side, I thought I must just be getting chiseled cheekbones.

‘Over time, it got more and more severe. Eventually, people would stare and make nasty comments.

‘Once, someone asked me if I’d been in a car crash, and another woman said to me, “Have you had cancer cut out of your face?”‘

Ms Crowther had just met her partner Scott Gill, 29, a tiler, when she began to notice her appearance changing when she was 17.

She could not pinpoint exactly what was different, but felt she simply did not ‘look right.’

It was when she turned 18 and began to go out clubbing with friends that, looking through photos the next morning, she realized the left-hand side of her face was looking increasingly sunken.

‘I had lost some weight around that time, so I thought I was finally getting chiseled cheekbones, which every girl wants at that age,’ she recalled.

‘But in time, I realized it was only really on one side. People would say, “Haven’t you got lovely cheekbones,” then I’d say, “It’s only on the left side, though”.’

Ms Crowther said she is feeling the best she has in a ‘long time’ after the fat transfer.

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