[A Tip To Upcoming Artistes]: How To Stay Relevant After Your First Big Break.

The dream of every artiste is to stay relevant after their first big break into the music scene, and also remain in the mind of every listener on the street. But one thing is certain, that banger or hit song will surely fade away, and if you don’t put an effort to stay relevant you might as well fade as an artiste too.

We have seen the likes of so many artistes who still struggle after dropping their first major hit track even though they are very talented.

Now you might be asking, what can I do to stay relevant as an artiste?

However not to worry! I would be sharing with you in this piece some tips on how to stay on top of your game as an artist after your first big hit.

You can also see how to brand yourself as an artiste here.

Now let’s swing into action:

  1. Stay Consistent: Most artists get carried away when their breakthrough song becomes very big, that they get so lazy and pompous thinking the song will keep rocking for so long. They make the big mistake of not being consistent after hitting their first big hit. The fact however is that as the song becomes bigger, your fan base enlarges and your fans expect something bigger and better in your follow up song. Consistency is very necessary if you want to stay relevant in this game.
  2. Know Your Strength: If most artistes knew their strength and weakness, they would definitely still be relevant today. After having your breakthrough song, ensure you know what works best for you. Stick to the genre or style of music you do well with, don’t just waver around.
  3. Improve Your Creativity: Stay creative and improve on your creativity, so you can flow with the tides, and latest trend of music your audience will love to vibe to. Be creative with the type of sound you deliver, your lyrical content, and your style of music amongst others.
  4. Have A Proper Management Team: One thing that will surely make take you off the big stage is having a poor management team. After getting your big breakthrough as an artiste, one of the most important thing you should consider is having a very good management team.A team that would help give you the very best in publicity, music promotion and distribution, and every other thing that would help you stay on top of your game. This is important because if an artist is not properly managed then staying relevant in the music industry will be at stake. Most artistes are still making waves today because of a good management system.

For every artiste out their my advice to you is to discover yourself, know your strength and then keep to it. So you don’t fade away after your big hit.

Remember, “Where words fail, music speaks – bring your music to life”

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