Music Promoters – Their Role In The Music Industry.

In this piece I will be sharing some things you need to know about music promoters, what they do, and how to become one if you would want to.

But Firstly,


A music promoter is anyone who publicizes and promote artistes, music, and musical performances. Most music promoters organise shows and help artists get booked for shows too. A music promoter also works with music and brand managers to plan and publicize events to help bring in attendees and profit.


The major role a music promoter plays is to help publicize an artist and the music they produce. They do this by promoting the music on radio stations, music blogs, television stations, social media or through advertising, at a negotiated fee. A music promoter ensures that the needs of artists are met both off and on stage.

Most times, a music promoter works from a regular office and might have a team which he/she works with. However most modern day music promoters do all their works online. The music promotion niche is a very competitive one, and it can be very difficult to get steady work within the industry, most especially for those just starting out.


If you have a strong knowledge of music, a passion for the industry, outstanding communication skill, then you may excel as a music promoter. The need for a good negotiation skill is also very essential as you will need to bargain with artists, brands, venues, hotels and more.

There isn’t a formal education path required to become a music promoter. But you would however need to understand various aspects of the business, understand recent developments and see how things are put together.

Starting out as a music promoter might be fiercely difficult but one way you could blend in the industry is by relating and networking with experts in the field. You could probably start out as an intern or assistant to a music promoter, as you could gain experience in promoting and planning major projects.

You could also start out by offering free or discounted services to artists trying to make a name for themselves. Although you might not make enough cash on the start, but as time goes these experiences will pave way for larger and more lucrative opportunities going forward.

Being a music promoter is a very challenging and competitive career path, but it can be very rewarding if you love what you do, and you do it effectively.

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