Taking Tadalafil without Consulting A Doctor

In the modern world, information of a very different nature, including medical information, has become so widely available that more and more people don’t resort to the help of doctors, faced with a disease, but try to cope with their ailments on their own. A disease such as erectile dysfunction (ED) is no exception. In this case, several factors immediately prevent a man from visiting a doctor: firstly, it’s a shame to share with someone, even a complete stranger and a professional, the very fact of having problems with potency; secondly, the rather high cost of consulting an urologist; thirdly, reluctance to undergo medical examinations; fourthly, the high cost of drugs that doctors usually prescribe to their patients. All this leads to the fact that even if a man intends to begin treatment of his problems with potency, in most cases he does it on his own.

Of course, such a strategy is not very correct. Even having studied a lot of materials on the topic of his illness, the average person cannot be 100% sure what medicine and scheme of treatment is right for his case, because he cannot do blood tests, a smear for STDs, testicular ultrasounds, and various other manipulations necessary to clarify the diagnosis and the required treatment regimen without the help of a doctor. However, in fairness it should be noted that up to 85% of cases of erectile dysfunction have more than a standard clinical picture and require the same standard treatment. Usually, various PDE-5 inhibitors in pills are used for it: these include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

If you decide that your potency disorder requires such treatment, and you really don’t want to go to the doctor, Cialis is the best choice, because this medicine provokes the least amount of side effects from all PDE-5 inhibitors and is best tolerated by the organism. It can be combined with plentiful food, small amounts of alcohol, can be taken both daily and on demand. Cialis is available in various dosage options: 5, 10 and 20 mg.

For those men who are not happy with the need to pay a lot of money for the original Cialis manufactured by Eli Lilly (USA), there is a trick that saves more than half the cost of this medicine: you can easily buy cheap generic Cialis glennfoundation.org/generic-cialis-20mg/. By their properties and key ingredient, they are identical. Generics are produced in a wide variety of countries by a large number of pharmaceutical companies, but they all share a much lower cost in comparison with branded Cialis.

The main active ingredient in all generics and, naturally, in the original medicine is Tadalafil. Excipients may vary, but they are not responsible for the effect of the drug. They determine taste, color, shape of the pill.

Choosing generic Cialis as the remedy for treatment of erectile dysfunction, you get a complete analogue of Cialis, which differs from its prototype only in name and packaging. However, it must be remembered that before taking any version of Cialis, you should carefully read the instructions for use, since this medicine has a number of contraindications and limitations that must be taken into account so as not to harm your body.

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