BREAKING! Minister of Health Speaks On Suspected Case Of Coronavirus Outbreak In Nigeria.

Suspected case of coronavirus in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, says no one in Nigeria has Coronavirus infection.
Ehanire, at a ministerial briefing in Abuja on Friday, assured that Nigeria had developed enough capacity to detect and isolate any Coronavirus case, especially at international ingress points.

He said the Africa Centre for Disease Control (ACDC),World Health Organisation (WHO),and other partners have provided scientific and technical support to Nigeria to reinforce its preparedness for the new2019-nCoV.

“NCDC, Port Health Accommodations and State Epidemiologists were vigilant of the process for identification and substantiation.

“We‘ll review these criteria as supplemental information on CoV2019 becomes available,’’ he verbalized.

He said that NCDC has perpetuated to make advisories available to Nigerians on the novel coronavirus and how to bulwark themselves and had additionally published Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to keep Nigerians apprised.

“Since the emergence of the coronavirus, we have been working everyday to learn as expeditiously as possible about this new virus.

“Ongoing research on its transmissibility and virulence will determine our replication across Nigeria,” the minister integrated.

Ehanire appealed to Nigerians that if they experience symptoms of coronavirus like respiratory illness, restlessness or cough within a fortnight of peregrinate to China they should contact NCDC immediately on its toll-free number on – 0800-970000-10.

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