#MusicBrainer: How To Get People To Listen To Your Music.

One of the most common question every musician asks, is to get people to listen to their music. The funny thing, however is that getting people to listen to your song is actually a hefty task. People won’t listen to your song, except you give them a real reason to.

There are too many free music out there at the moment and people have a overload of music to listen to, and the bitter truth is that people won’t download your music simply because it’s free, yet they won’t buy it if they’ve never heard of you before. In other words, putting your music on music blogs, social media and other music distribution platforms won’t make it go viral itself and have people listening to your music.

So what should you do instead?

Well, in this piece I would be sharing with you steps to getting people to listen to you. Now let’s check them out:

1. Let Your Music Benefit Your Fans:Your music shouldn’t be all about you, people would definitely not check your music, if they don’t know you, and you haven’t showed them how they’ll benefit from your music. You should bare in mind that most people have listened to random artistes in the past, and mostly come across poor quality, unprofessional songs. So most people prefer not to listen to random artistes for no reason.

My advice is that you get in the mentality that everything you do is all about your fans. It’s not so you can make more money, as people don’t care about that. It’s about serving your audience with what they want.

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2. Produce Good Music and Employ The Right Marketing Strategy: One important thing to do as an artiste as i have shared in previous articles is to produce quality music. Once you start making good quality songs, then start trying to get ears on your music on a wider scale. Put out one quality song which people can’t help but vibe to for a long while, and they will more likely listen out for you when you release something else.

Once you start making good music, then start trying to get ears on your music on a wider scale. Aim for strategies that will give you big results. The point is not to just market your music, but marketing it the right way.

On a final note, to get people to listen to your music ensure:

1. You make really good music

2. Put the focus on making your fans happy

3. Market your music the right way.

Remember when words fail music speaks – Bring Your Music To Life

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