#MusicBrainer: These Music Promotion Tips Don’t Work Anymore. (Avoid Them, They Are Outdated)

There has been a rapid change in the music industry. Everything has evolved, and some old fashioned tips are no longer effective at this time. As an upcoming or independent artiste finding time to write music is also as important as keeping updated to the latest trend in the music industry.

In this piece, I would be sharing with you some outdated music promotion tips you should avoid (and if currently doing them you should stop). This is because they don’t work anymore, so you don’t waste your time.

GIVING OUT CD’S: There was a time when CD’S were basically the only way to promote and distribute music. But that is old fashioned at the moment. The truth about giving out your CD’s is that you are basically wasting your money anytime you do this. These CD’S most times end up in the trash bin.

This is because most people simply do not listen to CD’s anymore, and don’t want to pile up a bunch of CD’s all the time. They might also not be interested in the music of some random artist like you.

So instead of buying CD’s, save up your money and try something else. The best way to send someone your music today is with a link (or via .mp3 file) email attachment. Everyone is more inclined to listen to music online, that way they can listen on their phones.

You could also give out your music via a card reader or USB drive, this is a much better way to give someone your music.

DO NOT SEND DEMOS RANDOMLY: When trying to send your music to a record label, ensure you have one or two connections with them. It could be through other artists, talent managers, or music promoters. Don’t just send mails randomly without having any connections laid down. This is because having a laid down connection makes it easier for you to send your music to the labels.

If you could make a real fan with someone who has a sway at a label then getting your music to the needed hands might be effective. You can then send your music to them via inbox or meeting them in person.

DON’T JUST WORK HARD: Working hard is not just enough. In as much as you work hard to produce good songs, you still need a great management and PR team to help you achieve a lot. You will also need to have a great branding, publicity, and passionate fans. So you will need not to just work hard, but work smart.

Remember when words fail music speaks – bring your music to life

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