The Mavin record kid that has taken over with his new tune – Crayon “Kpano” Review

Almost a year after joining one of the biggest record labels in Africa, Crayon kickstarts the new year with the new tune titled ‘Kpano’. The youngster dropped his debut EP last year, dishing out six amazing songs to his newly found fans and family alike.

‘Bamiloke’ , ‘So fine’ and others where his hit songs last year off his ‘Cray Cray EP’. The 6-track EP gave Crayon a record breaking launch last year with over million streams.

The Ozedikus produced beat could be said to sound like Rema’s dumebi as its lyrical contents are questionable. But while others tend to attack the youngster for performing a ‘no-concept’ song, I see the underlying message.

Crayon in “Kpano” is simply advising youths to be careful and not see flirting as a career. He further highlight that ‘No be today nyash dey for back’. This simple means, ‘don’t be too obsessed with ladies backside as it has always been where it is and will remain there. Focus on something better that doesn’t fade away and love your partner for who he/she is’.

This is masterpiece in all ramifications. It that groovy party vibe meant for every regular night parties in the continent.



Lyrics – 3/5

Production – 4/5

Performance – 4/5

Average Rating – 3/5

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