United Nations Warns Countries To Take Action Against Coronavirus Now.

UN Health Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says the coronavirus has pandemic potential.
Ghebreyesus says the spread of Coronavirus to countries such as Iran, Italy, and South Korea has brought the world to a crossroads where the outbreak can either be contained.

Tedro, however, advised that it is not a time to panic despite the increasing number of new cases outside China in the past two days, NAN reports.

“This is a time for taking action now, to prevent infections and save lives now,’’ Tedro added.

Tedros, however, urged all governments to prepare not only for their first Covid-19 cases or infection clusters, but also for full-blown epidemics in their countries.

“We are at a decisive point, this virus has pandemic potential,’’ the World Health Organisation (WHO) director general told a news briefing.

Twenty-two people have died so far from coronavirus in Iran while over 2600 deaths have been recorded in the world since the outbreak of the disease in Wuhan, China.

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