AJax Abdelhak Nouri Wakes From Coma After 2-years And 9 months

Abdelhak Nouri a Dutch and Ajax player who was considered among the best talents of his generation was one of the promising footballers of Ajax academy after helping the club reach the 2017 semi-finals of the champions league. Nouri’s career was put on old after a tragic incident that kept him away from the game since July 8, 2017.

Nouri collapsed in a friendly game against Werder Bremen during a pre-season tour. it took the referee 10 seconds to realise that Nouri was down. Players formed a circle around Nouri some where praying, while others where seeing crying. Nouri suffered a cardiac arrest and was taken out of the filed by an helicopter that took him straight to the hospital.

Nouri suffered severe and permanent brain damage as a result to the incident and stayed in coma for 2 years and 9 months. Nouri is now awake and eats, sleeps, frowns and burps. According to his brother, Nouri is doing well and lives in a house specially built for him but still unable to get out of the bed.

Nouri was born on the 2nd of April 1997 in Amsterdam and is of Moroccan descent. He was named one of the best youth players in 2014 by The Guardian. Nouri operated as an attacking winger but also has the ability to play from the wing position.

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