China Promise To Help Nigeria Curtail COVID-19

Dr. Zhou Pingjian the Ambassador of China to Nigeria has stated that China will fully support Nigeria in the fight against Coronavirus and is ready to assist where and when needed. In other to combat the virus, countries need to work collectively together to achieve a positive result .

The virus which first started from China has spread to other countries and made various nation to take strict measures to curtail the spread of the virus. Shutting down of boarders, social distancing and proper hand hygiene has been the major form of prevent measures set by various government to curb the spread.

Medical items and other hygiene products were presented to the Minister of Foreign Affairs officials in Abuja. Sanitizers, automatic hand dryers, hand gloves and so many others were the items presented.

Dr. Zhou has stated that China will continue to share useful information and experience with Nigeria as at the situation in China is now under control with life gradually returning to normal.

The Director of Planning, Research and Statistics of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lot Egopija has praised the Chinese government for there concern and donation to Nigeria in the fight to curtail the Coronavirus which has affected the country with a total of 1 death case recorded by the NCDC.

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