Do You Agree? Check Out The Top Ten Best Football Players To Where The No.7 Jersey.

In time past, and still, largely till today, the number 7 jersey is taken to be the most revered number. With deep respect and admiration given to it. The number 7 is often associated with effective and profitable wingers or second strikers.

In this article, we will take a look at the best players to have worn the number 7 jersey.

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Here are football’s top ten greatest number 7’s:

10. Bastian Schweinsteiger (Germany)

Bastian Schweinsteiger is the man who drives the German machine; so naturally, a No. 7 seems apt for his jersey. Holding the midfield for Germany, Schweinsteiger plays with cold calculative thinking and decisive passing that tear defenses apart. He creates wonderful chances for his attackers and at the same time, supports his backline with tackles, breaking down counter-attacks.

9. George Best (Northern Ireland)

From probably the greatest player in the history of Liverpool FC, to arguably the finest from their North-West rivals Manchester United. George Best was obviously a marvelous footballer, who was comfortably among the best in the world for at least five seasons. A winger who scored 32 goals in his most prolific season, which was virtually unheard of for a wide player in the 1960’s, that – combined with his long hair, good looks and playboy lifestyle, made Best the biggest celebrity in the history of the sport at that time.

8. Luis Figo (Portugal)

Luis Figo shows the pure class that a player should have for wearing the No. 7. Playing for Portugal, he was a winger renowned for his creativity and having the ability to go past defenders, and is regarded to be one of the best players of his generation. He plied his trade in Sporting Lisbon, Inter Milan and is one of the rare players who have played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid.

7. Andriy Shevchenko (Portugal)

So, seventh place in a list of the seven greatest number sevens in football history. It doesn’t get much more Sevens than this. The man who takes that title is Andriy Shevchenko, one of the most deadly strikers in Europe at his best. An excellent all-round center-forward who was strong, industrious and clinical, Shevchenko scored 175 goals in 322 games for AC Milan. The Ukrainian number 7 was nominated for the Ballon d’Or eight times, winning it once in 2004 and finishing third twice.

6. Kenny Dalglish (United Kingdom)

A Liverpool legend known as ‘King Kenny’ among the red half of Merseyside, Kenny Dalglish is one of the finest footballers Britain has ever produced. A master schemer who operated as a second striker in behind Ian Rush for most of his time at Anfield, the hard-working Scot scored a few as well, and he is almost as celebrated among Celtic supporters as he is among Liverpool fans. A Ballon d’Or runner-up in 1983, Dalglish won 10 league titles and three European Cups as a player, and he has previously been named as Liverpool’s greatest ever player.

5. Santos “Garrincha” Francisco (Brazil)

A star of the Brazil sides which won both the 1958 and 1962 World Cups, Brazil never lost a game in which Pele and Garrincha both played.

Nicknamed the Joy of the People in Brazil, Garrincha had a spinal deformity which left him bow-legged. Virtually unstoppable with a ball at his feet, Garrincha spent nine years as one of the best players on the planet, and in Pele’s absence – he took that title outright in 1962.

4. Franck Ribery (France)

Franck Ribery is another great player who wears the No. 7 on his Jersey. Playing as a winger for Bayern Munich and for France, he marauds down his wing, dropping defenders as he dribbles past with lightning speed and sending in precise crosses for his strikers. With an impressive work rate, he even covers back to his backline and is also not shy to drive into the box and try out long-range efforts.

3. David Beckham (England)

At number 3 is one of the guys who made the number his own during his glory days. In all probability, he is the most popular player to have ever come from England. Known for his accurate freekicks alongside some stunning hairstyles, David Beckham had a highly successful spell at Manchester United before moving to Real Madrid in 2003.

2. Eric Cantona (France)

Fondly called ‘King Eric” by Manchester United fans, Eric Cantona won four premier league titles in the space of five years and was one of the most iconic players to have played for the club.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

Here is a man who has claimed the No. 7 as his own, showing the entire world that a new name is to be on everyone’s lip when they talk of the No. 7 jersey. That name is Cristiano Ronaldo. When Ronaldo first stepped onto the field, his then, thin frame wearing the weighted No. 7 that had been passed down from David Beckham, fans of Manchester United cried in dismay. Who was this young, tiny upstart who dared to wear the stuff of legends? However, those cries of the fans soon turned to shouts of joy once they saw what this Portuguese winger was capable of. The fans watched him grow, into one of the most complete players to ever play in this generation, eclipsing others on the field. He is complete with unmatchable attacking skills, unbound creativity, and thunderous long-range shots. And now, when one talks of the No. 7, they talk of Ronaldo.

Alright, that’s a wrap. You can kindly share your thoughts on our list. Who do you think should be added or removed?

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