Experts Say Vitamin C Might Cure The Coronavirus.

Chinese doctors are racing to test the effects of vitamin-c on the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Its a popular belief that vitamin C can prevent colds — a theory first set out in 1970 by Nobel Prize-winning scientist Linus Pauling. He was convinced of its benefits and personally took 3g a day, although much of his research on the vitamin was later discredited.

Certainly, when it comes to infections or a virus such as flu, it is accepted that vitamin C is part of the immune response and quickly becomes depleted. It helps by encouraging the production of white blood cells that fight disease, attaching themselves to, and killing, invading microbes.

In China, a study is underway to see if high doses of vitamin C can help fight off coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19). Scientists at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University are testing its effects on 120 patients who have the virus, giving them daily infusions of 24g of vitamin C for seven days. Results have not yet been published yet.

In tests, vitamin C has worked against every virus — if given in sufficient concentration, but experts say they don’t know vitamin C’s value against coronavirus for now. but will do trials, to see if it has any benefit.’

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