Man who made sexual advances on Daddy Freeze’s 5yr old son arrested in Lagos

A security man has been arrested by the Nigerian police for making a sexual advancement towards Daddy Freeze’s 5yr old son on Instagram.

Radio OAP and pastor, Daddy Freeze has expressed displeasure and anger towards a man who made a horrible comment towards his son on Instagram.

Daddy Freeze simply reposted a picture of his son in Instagram only to have a troll drop a comment that wasn’t necessary.

Though most Nigerians pleaded with Daddy Freeze to forgive and let go of the case, the media personality seems to be depressed with those comments.

According to Daddy Freeze, he has forgiven the young man who works for a security firm in charge of their estate, but he need Justice for his son in order to maintain a peaceful environment for other Nigerian children.

On seeing the 5 yr old boys picture, the suspect commented ” Daddy Fridge… This your son go sweet for bed o”.

This indeed is horrible. I guess we have had a lot of pedophile cases recently. Comments like this shouldn’t be taken likely not even when the person who dropped the comment is amongst those your kids mingle with and respect so much.

What do you think? Should Daddy Freeze free this man or let the law take its cause?

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