Richesr beggar in Nigeria

Meet the richest beggar in Nigeria who has 5 houses, sachet water and transport company (Photos)

Begging in Nigeria could be described as the hardest and poorest job to do. But a man has created a niche for himself as the richest beggar in Nigeria.

Alhaji Umar Dikko is not your regular beggar in the streets of Lagos. He has grown from a poor beggar to the richest beggar in the country.

Umar has four wives over 18 children and thriving businesses in the country. Though handicapped, he has grown from a day-to-day beggar to an entrepreneur.

Umar has five houses in his hometown in Kano, a transport company and a sachet water production company.

Richesr beggar in Nigeria

He is wealthier than most people who give him alms. Alhaji Umar has been able to device creative means to maximize his earnings and diversify his streams of income with these two thriving companies.

He is fondly called the ‘King of Beggars’ for his accomplishments and wealth.

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