Minister Of Health Reveals Why Name Of Italian Man With Coronavirus Has Been Withheld.(See Why)

At a press briefing on Monday March 2nd, Nigeria’s Minister of Health, Ehanire Osagie has revealed why the name of the 44-year-old Italian citizen who has been confirmed to have coronavirus cannot be disclosed.
Osagie revealed that the name of the patient cannot be disclosed publicly because it goes against the ethics of medicine.
”You do not give out a patient’s name without his permission. If someone has a problem, you can talk about the problem and not his name

”I am not sure if he has been asked, but he has not given permission for his name to be made public. He might want his privacy and there is no need for anyone to know his name.”

He revealed that the index case of coronavirus in Nigeria is in a good condition. Osagie added:-
”I was able to see him. He was strolling around in his room, I could see him from the glass window. And according to the doctors, his case is quite mild.”

The Minister also disclosed that the driver who picked up the Italian man at the airport is also being monitored even though he is yet to meet with him.

He said:-
”I didn’t see the taxi driver who drove the patient, but he has been identified. He is under monitoring and self-isolation.”

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