#MusicBrainer: 5 Ways To Get More Exposure For Your Music.

When trying to get exposure for your music it is advisable you are strategic and cautious on the different types of measures you plan on using. There are several free sources of traffic that might help you get exposure for your music. But the problem is that most of these mediums tend to be saturated and doesn’t give you much of an advantage.

However, In this piece, I will be sharing with you five ways to get exposure for your music in 2020.


Effective publicity campaigns can really boast your presence in media, and can lead to several opportunities like interviews, or a feature on magazines and blogs. You could make use of influencer marketing for this.


Another way to give your music exposure is through write-ups and reviews from experienced bloggers and entertainment publishers. Articles are worth paying for if the writer or journalist is honest, and has a history of creating high quality reviews.


There are several artistes who have had some success with facebook and instagram ads, and I have realised that they are very effective and efficient, as I experimented a little bit with them Myself. As long as you can perfectly target your specific audience, getting exposure for your music will be quite easy with facebook and instagram ads.


Youtube ads is also similar to facebook and instagram ads. The main difference is that you can use video contents to engage your target audience. Also remember that a lot of people find video ads disturbing, this means that only don’t have to capture audience, but you need to keep them engaged else you won’t have them turning over to your music.


There are many content creators and marketers that sell advert spaces on their website, blogs, Vlogs or articles. They give your music exposure by featuring your music on their contents. This gives you an opportunity to capture their interested audience. You can have your music featured for a low monthly fee (or whatever their agreement entails). But before you do this ensure you determine and evaluate;

  1. The volume of audience they get
  2. The quality of audience they have
  3. Whether or not the cost is worth it.

This is because, sometimes, these content creators might have low quality visitors and may not get you the kind of exposure you’re looking for.

On a final note, I know these are some of the many ways you can get exposure for your music. Carefully evaluate each and determine whether it is worthwhile before proceeding with it.

Remember “Where words fail music speaks – Bring your music to life”

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