#MusicBrainer: Stepping Up Your Game As An Artiste Despite The Coronavirus Pandemic.

The current spread of the Coronavirus is a state of emergency that the world and most especially the music industry hasn’t experienced before. Without much doubt the lockdown has affected the music industry drastically. With lots of shows cancelled, concerts postponed and album premieres on hold, amongst many others.

However, drastic measures need to be taken to contain the virus as much as possible. So it doesn’t eat deep into music and your creativity.

In this piece I will be sharing with you some things you can do to improve yourself as an artist and also step up your productivity, despite the current lockdown caused by the COVID-19 peril.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Do A Live-Stream Concert On Social Media: You can definitely take to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and co. in order to perform a live stream concert for your fans. You can keep them entertained and glued to you by doing this. You can do this using your mobile phones or a video camera. Make sure to let your fans know beforehand and take time to answer all comments after the show.
  2. You Can Set Up A Fan Challenge: Set up a fan challenge on Instagram, that is not difficult to accomplish but fun to do and watch. You too can go ahead and partake in the challenge. Take a moment and answer all of the comments. This will give the fans a real feeling of connection with you.
  3. Create Fun Contents: Everyone is hungry for great content in times like these. A lot of ideas can be carried out during you stay at home. You can shoot videos of you practising, talking about your favourite albums of all times, cook your best tour food for your fans at home, explain some of your best-known lyrics, do a Q&A session,… the list could go on and on.
  4. Help Fans With Relief Materials, If You Can: It’s alright to be generous at a time like this, especially in Nigeria where most people feed on a daily wage. You could be nice enough to ask your fans what they need and possibly help them out in either cash or kind, to make sure this needs are met. This can go a long way to cementing your relationship with your fans and gaining a new fan-base too. However do this if it is within your means. But it’s still not bad if you can go the extra mile with your generosity.
  5. Practice, Write And Record A New Song: Now is the moment to really dig yourself in and practise as you’ve never done before. You can write a new song every day and record it.
  6. In All Stay Safe: Ensure you observe all hygiene practices issued by the Government and public health bodies. Wash your hands ✋, Use Sanitisers, Eat healthy, Keep Social distancing and Isolate yourself.

Let us not lose hope despite the hardships that may come. Instead stay uniquely creative and make use of the internet as much as possible and to your favour. Remember when “Words Fail Music Speaks – Bring Your Music To Life”.


  1. Nice and concise read

  2. Hmm Help fans with materials …let’s eat first o. Nice read.

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