Prince Charles And Six Other High Profile Names To Have Been Tested Positive To COVID-19

When the world sits down to talk about a particular issue, then you should be rest assured its a global one. The first few months of 2020 will never be forgotten in a hurry as it has brought the world to a state of confusion and panic.

Countries are beginning to shut boards and restrict movements of individuals in their various areas just to curb the resent Coronavirus outbreak. The spread of the Coronavirus is at the increase as Italy and Spain have recorded the highest number of casualty and mortality rate recently.

Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne is the recent high profile name to have been tested positive to the Coronavirus disease. How and where it was contacted by the Prince is still yet unknown to the general public. According to reports, Prince Charles have been in contact with the Queen, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and world heavyweight, Anthony Joshua prior to the time he was tested positive to the COVID-19.

Here are some other high profile names to have been tested positive to the virus:

1- Abba Kyari ( Politician / Chief of staff to the President of Nigeria)

2- Bala Mohammed ( Politician / Governor of Bauchi State Nigeria)

3- Mikel Arteta ( Current Manager of Arsenal football Club England)

4- Tom Hanks ( Actor)

5- Idris Elba ( Actor / Musician)

6- Irene Montero ( Spain Minister)

As the world tries to curb the spread of the virus, here are the safety measures outline by world leaders and health organization to combat the spread:

1- Proper washing of the hands regularly.

2- Avoid touching of the face.

3- Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing.

4- Proper wear of face mask.

5- All suspected cases should be reported to the right authority.

6- Proper good healthy hygiene always.

7- Social distancing.

8- Avoid over crowded places.

So many people are yet to believe or take the pandemic seriously, they feel its a means to put the world in confusion but its best to pretend its a lie and follow all the safety guidelines outlined which should have been our normal and regular way of life. So lets pretend and follow the rules.

Your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed, feel free to share and educate everyone around you about the Coronavirus.

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