Put “Tangiri” to your house as a means of protection against Coronavirus and any other Viruses

Yoruba people call this “Tangiri” it has nothing to do with the religion and it not scary neither has any connection with demon, this is the Technology we inherited from out Africa four father’s, it working for them as means of protection against any Virus.

Years back in my Village, every family has this in their houses for the protection of their family and most especially for young children.

We are African, let value our heritage, get like two Tangiri to your house, wash your hand regular, use hand sanitizer and avoided moving closer to the sick people, no Coronavirus or any other Virus will enter your house.

African people has knowledge, and let start using the knowledge we inherited from our four father’s to save our self.

Before the era of hospital, they sick in the Olden days too, but they have no where to take the sick person than to get different leaves, stem and roots to proceed herb and they are doing good even spending more years on the soil than this Era of Table/Hospital.

Coronavirus is world pandemic, let be guided with all we inherited to, this is not a matter of religion, but the safety of our family. Get this to your house and keep your self clean as well, God is our saviour.

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