Recovered Patients Test Positive Again To Coronavirus

According to news from China, 14% of the recovered patients have tested positive again to coronavirus after tested negative.

Doctors in China have revealed that patients that had fully recovered from Covid-19, have contracted the virus again.

There is fear in China that there may be a second coronavirus outbreak in the country, only weeks after the country had recovered from their first Covid-19 outbreak.

There is no cure/vaccine for Covid-19. Even though many of the people that contract the virus recover from it, they don’t become immune to the virus. You can contact the coronavirus multiple times. The mortality rate may be relatively low, but without a working vaccine Covid-19 is unlikely to go away.

Leaders all over the world have been pleading with citizens to take this pandemic very seriously. There is over Five-thousand confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide and that number is increasing every day. It will be a long time until the world can go back to normal.

Nigeria has taken strict measures to curb the spread of the virus with only one record death case so far. Lagos state still remains the highest number of recorded case so far.

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