Digital media strategist and blogger Anda Damisa popularly known as Lazywrita isn’t Lazy after all as he successfully launched his first book ‘A Lazy Poet’ on Sunday, March 15 2020 at Sea Lounge, Lekki, Lagos.
The evening started with the dazzling hosts Charles Born and Simi Olusanya engaging and causing smiles to fill the faces of the audience.
Speaking on the book, Lazy Writa said:

“I always wanted to have my own book. My dream while I was growing up is to have my books in libraries and bookstores all over the country, having people know what goes through my mind and my own perspective of things”.

A major highlight from the event was when Chyddee took the audience on a journey inside the book as he read one of the amazing poems ‘Do Not Love Me’. The first three lines of the poem reads:

“Do not love me,
Do not care,
This heart has nothing to share.”

There were shouts from the crowd as the message and central theme of the poem was something they could relate with and it ultimately became the talk of the night.

The launch featured special performances from talented and sought after singer and poets such as Paul Word (Poet), Paul Rayven (Singer) and Lulu Dainty (Poet) . The acts gave the audience an experience to remember as they serenaded them with great tunes and quotable lyrics that made the crowd applaud and cheer them.

Other highlights of the evening include a book review between Adesola Momoh and Lazywrita, games, music and interactive sessions.

The launch was done by one of the leading social media influencers, King Pexxie as he encouraged all present to not only purchase a copy of the book but show their support to the author with their large donations. The event was capped off with back to back hit music by the resident DJ of the night.

The book ‘A Lazy Poet’ is a collection of different poems that cuts across different genres of literature and can be purchased from the author Anda Damisa @lazywrita on social media platforms and would be sold across major bookstores nationwide soon.
Since the announcement of the launch, friends and fans showed their support and the launch had in attendance diverse guests who came to support the author on his new project.

Guests included some CEO’s such as Adetoro of TORO Entertainment Company, Olufemi Oguntamu of Penzaarville Africa, Ms Juliet Mgbeahuru, of Juls Homes, bloggers, social media influencers such as Chyddee , Olorisupergal , ThePamilerin, King Pexxie, Femi Factor and a host of others.

See photos below:

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