The CEO of Aero Airline, Ado Sanusi offered his Airplane and Helicopters for transporting COVID 19 Medical Equipment across the country for free.

Ado Sanusi, the CEO of Aero ,has offered his air planes and helicopters to be used in transporting medical equipment and personnel across the country during this COVID-19 lockdown. This should normally cause millions, but it will now be free for motherland.

During the lockdown in the country, it is a great idea for the CEO because, moving motor around the state can even cause another ways of transferring the disease.

Many people have been contributing what they have to the country for battling the World pandemic Covid 19.

The importance of been one of the great personnel in the country is to do better thing when the country is in good position and other way around. Kudos to Mr Sanusi may God bless you more and we shall overcome this very soon.

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