10 Questions To FG, After the Death Of Abba Kyari (Must Read)

Below are some questions off the social media which Nigerians need answers to; this was after the painful death of the Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria.

See Below;

1) Was the burial ceremony held for ABBA Kyari not against the laid down rule on isolation and social distancing by the president ?

2)is Gudu cementary the selected cementary for all patients who have died of covid-19 in Abuja?

3) if ABBA kyari body was brought into Abuja today,meaning he was moved out of Abuja when he was declared positive of covid-19?

5) Are the laid down rules just for the masses?

6) The defense guest house ABBA Kyari was taken to when his body entered Abuja is that a mortuary or hospital?

7) Should we await a presidential speech on reasons why ABBA kyari can be buried with social gathering and people(masses) still have family member’s in the Mortuary (spending money to keep the body there) awaiting the lock down to be over to bury their loved ones?

8) On April 3 punch news interview with lai Mohammad he stated that families cannot claim corpse for burial..Since the family of ABBA kyari didn’t claim the corpse which burial ceremony is going on?

9) In Sahara report news it was stated that the president and most of his top government officials did not attended the burial ceremony. Who were those that came out in large number for the burial ceremony are they not suppose to be persecuted for holding a social gathering??

10) What should we be expecting after the last day of this New 14 days lockdown ?


  1. Good questions.
    They make laws that they can’t keep.

  2. they make laws they can’t obey

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