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5 UNBELIEVABLE Things that will happen after Coronavirus Lockdown

From 4th of May, Nigeria shall relax its lockdown giving room for all businesses to thrive. Here are 5 unbelievable things that will happen after the coronavirus lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has got evryone except health workers indoors. It has put a stop to all sporting activies around the world.

The Chinese virus as alleged by President Donald Trump has already claimed over 56,000 persons in the US and 213,094 globally with over 3 million cases in the world.

Just after the World returns to normal and Nigeria totally relaxes the lockdown, here are five (5) things that could happen.


We can already testify that some goods are scarse in the stores. Nigeria live on exports and with the current closure of our borders we will definitely have very limited commodities when the lockdown is relaxed.


Economics students are aware that scarcity of goos and commodities obviously leads to increase in prise. It is already happeneing as the price of commodities are already increasing in the stores due to the scarcity of goods.


This should be treated serious. Weeks ago, we witnessed outrageous number of robbery reports in Lagos, Ogun and other states. In Aba, the robbers inflict wounds on their victims with cutlasses after the robbery. The rate of umeployment is high, coupled with the lockdown that have stopped many from going about their daily businesses, most youths will pick up arms to rob their fellow Nigerians.


Online fraud have been in the counry even before now, but it will be on the high side once the lockdown is over. Most Nigerians will definitely be in a haste to make money and cover up their expenses during the lockdown and this can only take them into the hands of fraudsters.

So many religious activities

No tithes, no offerings, no sowing of seeds for a month? Of course most of these churches will device means to make more money to meet up their yearly goals.

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  1. This is naija for you
    giant of africa
    lets pray for our country for a change

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