Abba Kyari Sacrificed his Life for Nigerians – Buhari’s Aide

Buhari’s aide says Abba Kyari sacrificed his life for Nigerians.

The shocking of Abba Kyari’s demise came in the early hours of today.

The former Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria, President Mohammad Buhari died from coronavirus. Abba Kyari tested positive to coronavirus on March 27th, 2020. Abba who is in his early 80s died after recieving health care and treatments in fight of the coronavirus.

President Buhari’s media aide, Bashir Ahmaad says Abba Kyari was highly misunderstood by Nigerians. The death of the former chief of staff stirred up a heated arguement on twitter. Many Nigerians showed no empathy towards his death saying it is his reward for not representing them properly.

Bashir Ahmaad on the defence says Abba’s death is a sacrifice to Nigeria. In his words, “Abba Kyari certainly was one of the most misunderstood people in the history of Nigeria. Those who had the opportunity to know him personally will tell you how extremely a good person he was. A man of honor, will be remembered as someone who sacrificed his life for this country”.

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