Banky W seek for Nigeria Army support (Read More)

Banky Willington popularly know has Banky W, seek for Nigeria Army Support on their Lekki Food Bank, he said they served over 1,000 per day and they need to maintain the engagement of social distancing inline with NCDC Covid 19 rules.

He posted this on his verified Twitter page that,

“@HQNigerianArmy Pls we really need help with our @lekkifoodbank. We serve over 1,000 meals PER DAY to the less privileged, but we need help with teaching/enforcing social distancing & order. It’s hard for 20+ volunteers to manage a crowd of thousands who are starving. Pls RT.

@HQNigerianArmy We also are willing to cover the pay of the soldiers who you send to assist us; please respond, this is for the good of our community and country. Guys pls help me RT until they see it. Thanks so much.

I know it isn’t typically the Army’s duty, but I also know that the Army has a certain amount of reverence, and it’d be a great form of CSR to see our soldiers helping us. It’s an unprecedented time that calls for out-of-the-box solutions as we navigate these hard times together”.

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